The architecture that surround us, is shaped by us and that are shaping us offers so many opportunities to interaction, but architecture is also very conservative and holy. But are we not as citizens obliged to ask ourselves why it is like this? The solar panel installation at Galleri Bergman is unique in Helsinki and in Finnish city environment.

This project felt very good to carry out thou it had been a very long struggle to achieve with all the needed permissions, meetings, discussions and problems to be solved. The installation also tied the project as a whole together. This kind of integration on a building in central Helsinki is the first of its kind, but hopefully not the last. We can never know, but hopefully it can work as an amplifier for the art presented in the gallery. After all, light and colors are a fundamental base in the visual arts and maybe this surrounding can give the viewers some new perspective on time, space and communication related questions.

I want to give my thanks to The Art Council of Finland who supported the installation financially and to Gregoire Rousseau for helping hands.