The new exhibition titled Free your ass and your mind will follow will be held at the Love&Money exhibition place, located inside the Hasan & Partners offices in Helsinki. The show is opening on the 28th of November from 16:00 until 18:00 and it will be remain open until December the 30th.

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Anders Bergman

November 28th – December 30th, 2013

About the art

This selection of mixed-media abstracts by Swedish artist Anders Bergman are from a larger painting and installation series he created for a show at Helsinki's Sinne Gallery earlier in 2013. Bergman employs materials found at construction sites, such as sheet rock and construction wood; materials familiar to him through his extensive experience as a skilled construction worker.

Bergman's art often explores processes of organic transformation, and through his observations he asserts connections – common "laws" – between such environments as seemingly disparate as mundane building renovation sites and the vast lava covered landscapes of Iceland.

By placing his focus on these organic, ever-in-motion processes (both large and small) of our universe, Bergman's perspective encourages his audience to join him on a subtle journey of linking and fresh thinking. For example, his exhortation to "free your ass" (a twist on the classic Parliament-Funkadelic anthem) is partly a reference to the fact that Sinne Gallery was formerly home to a Helsinki sex shop.

About this shift from porn store to high-end art gallery (and his work more generally) Bergman writes:
"I found the extreme shift – the transformation – in the mode of cultural expression very interesting. I am often drawn to places of observable transformation – to those "in-between landscapes" and the opportunities they offer."

About the artist

Anders Bergman is a Swedish artist living and working in Helsinki. His art practice is a journey through diverse fields of installation/painting/objects/visuals/music/sound and social environments in which he is investigating energy in its vast array of forms. Bergman has exhibited his work in many regions, including in New York City, where one of his artworks related to his lengthy engagement with the possibilities of solar-energy is permanently installed. He also, for a number of years, maintained a working-studio here in Helsinki which he regularly transformed into a public gallery space (Galleri Bergman) where fellow artists could exhibit for free. His next exhibition will take place at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm in March of 2014. Anders Bergman graduated with an MA degree from The Academy Of Fine Arts in Helsinki in 2006.

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