Anders Bergman will together with the Afterparty workgroup create the facade installation Afterparty Goes Forest at the 59 Rivoli in Paris. The facade installations by invited art-groups and artists at the 59 Rivoli culture house in the center of Paris has amazed and entertained the Parisians and visiting tourist for decades.

From the exhibitions press release:

This exhibition is a continuation of a previous exhibition in 2018 called Suomi- Finland 100 years Afterparty. That exhibition represented an alternative view on the celebration of Finland's 100th anniversary. Now the Afterparty group has come together again to continue the story, and describe what lies underneath the Finnish culture. In this work, we search for the roots of Finnish myths and existence. Finn's identity is strongly connected to the forest. 75% of Finland's area is covered in forest and from early childhood to old age, most Finns spend time regularly in nature. The Finnish saying "Mennä metsään" "Go into the forest" means that something goes wrong, becomes chaotic, wild, and unpredictable. In our project, we see this as a positive aspect and possibility. Wildness, untamed vegetation can bring freedom, new views and ideas. The exhibition is a combination of video works and a performance. During every day of the exhibition, the Afterparty group is present in the gallery, performing and building a new facade for 59 Rivoli, which will be put up piece by piece.