Beaver dam and hut for a parallel universe

Mixed Media Installation2014

The other week I had a conversation with a friend who asked what the upcoming exhibition at Konstnärshuset in Stockholm was about? I was about to say something I almost routinely said in recent years, but hesitated however and said that I was not quite sure .. instead, I became somewhat irritated, looked at my friend and thought to myself ... what is you about?

Right there and then I felt like an old troll with archaeological interests who had locked herself in a basement or a soldier who participated in a war that took place in a distant time and place. A war that no one could remember why it had started or if there was any end to this madness? Now it seems though that the smoke have settled over the battlefield, and it can be seen a Beaver dam and hut for a parallel universe. It is difficult to interpret if the case is a costly victory or a catastrophic failure. Peace prevails .. albeit temporarily

Beaver dam and hut for a parallel universe is an installation of objects and drawings/ paintings where the boundary between physical and metaphysical also can be called borderland between faith and science, or between fantasy and reality. The material used I collect from my immediate environment.